Lovesick Studio



Ode to NorMin
By Abbie Ng

Shanghai is where this story begins,
A tale between Norman and Min,
For serendipity would put these two under a spell,
Unknowingly their lives were soon to be propelled,
All thanks to her Godsister Christy,
Who introduced her to Norman over a glass of whisky,

The Roof was where they first met,
But patience, they were not in love as of yet,
Min laughed at Norman’s jokes,
Unappreciated by normal folk,
They bonded over superhero movies,
And listened to Tupac and Biggie,

But soon they were to be separated,
And would only reunite once Min graduated,
In the Summer of twenty thirteen,
With missed time in between,
Our NorMin were officially a couple,
And about to take another tumble,

For Min would start her new chapter,
And move to Hong Kong for her Masters,
When will they ever be reunited?
Because I can tell you’re getting unexcited,

But not all good things come so easily,
As their relationship wasn't growing peacefully,
For Norman would return to Hong Kong,
Is there a place this couple will belong?!
You must by now be dizzy from all the moving,
Because I do too, find this confusing,

And in the spring of twenty fifteen,
Did the blossoms bring, courage to a little Min,
To Hong Kong to be with her man,
Settling into a cosy apartment in Sheung Wan,

At last they’re finally together!
They’ve beaten past the stormy weather,
And after 6 years, Norman proposes,
In a room full of roses,
But the real surprise was Sachi,
Who completed this little family.