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M/S-V: Black Honey

Vera’s already seven minutes late by the time she messages JJ to say she's running late. Well aware this was going to happen, he arrives at the coffee shop at 11:40. Even so, Vera doesn’t burst through the doors until a few minutes past noon, ripping off her sunglasses and surveying the room. All eyes were on her as lets out a controlled scream and pushes past the clutter of tables to hug him. A man ducks forward to avoid getting hit in the head by her oversized Celine tote, but it gets him anyway.   

“Sorry sweetie, I could not find my makeup bag this morning. I think I left it at the gym.”

“Good thing it looks like you’re going there straight after this,” said JJ. She’s wearing a marble-print workout set, complete with a caged sports bra and leggings with mesh slits that go all the way up the sides. Her stomach is on display, her belly-button barely hidden by the windbreaker tied around her waist. 

“No, I’m seeing Jeffrey after this. It’s called athelti-leisure. You of all people should know.”

“Because I’m gay?”

“No, because you actually used to work out, remember?” She laughs and throws up a hand. “Can I get a soy Cappuccino please? Extra hot.”

It’s true, JJ hasn’t worked out consistently since he was in college four years ago. His consultant job takes it out of him. Besides, gym-sex is somewhat off-limits now that him and Jesse are getting serious.

Aside from staying fit, he’s also been pretty bad about keeping in touch with friends from school, hence his agreeing to have coffee with Vera. They’ve seen each other at a few weddings over the years, but haven’t properly caught up until this past New Year’s Eve. Somehow both ending up at a party that was a little too fancy for their tastes, they decided to do a few lines of coke in the bathroom to pass the time until countdown.

“You’re a sick fuck,” Vera had said as he did a line from the toilet lid. “People do number two on those things.”

“Well you’re a stupid bitch for giving a fuck when you’re literally snorting shit into your brain.” JJ shot back. They laughed and JJ remembered why they had so much fun in school. It was this nostalgia trip that landed him here, having coffee with Vera.

“How are things with Jeffrey?” he asked.

“I don’t know. He’s obsessed with me though,” said Vera. “Oh, did I tell you? I’m quit my job on Friday.”

“The party planning company?”

“It was an events company. I just couldn’t take Kim’s bitching and I was seriously underpaid. Honestly, I think she didn't like having someone younger than her at the company. She's always had a thing for Ryan and probably saw me as a threat or something. I'm not even into Ryan, but he went out of his way to be nice to me all the time. He looked so sad when I resigned.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“Not sure yet. I’m thinking about starting a jewellery brand.”

“That’s cool.”

“Yeah. Everyone’s always complimenting what I’m wearing, so I figure why not make my own? Jeffrey even offered to help me get started." She stops to take a Boomerang of the two of them, her lips puckered and head swinging. 

“That’s great.” JJ said as he glances at his watch. It’s barely been ten minutes and her coffee isn't even here yet.

“Hold on, okay?” Vera leaves her Celine on the chair and asks where the washroom is.

JJ's daydreaming when the waiter puts down Vera’s Cappuccino. He notices some of foam spilled onto the saucer, but the waiter didn’t bother wiping it. JJ takes a sip of his Americano, but realises there isn't a single drop left. 

“Pretty sure the waiter was flirting with me,” Vera said as she sat down. She had reapplied her lipstick.

Hi everyone! Thank you for reading my Microstory Series - I appreciate it oh-so-much! I originally planned to write five and reassess whether it's worthwhile to continue. I've personally had a lot of fun writing these, but I'd love to hear your feedback too. Do you find these mini fiction pieces interesting? What kind of content would you like to see on the blog? I'd love to know.