Lovesick Studio


M/S-III: Cutout


Her mouth is so dry the back of her throat feels like it's ripping apart when she tries to swallow saliva. Jamie looks at the clock - 2:32 pm. The light peeking through the curtains reveal a pillar of dust particles swirling the stale air. She pulls her arm from under the blanket and feels the floor for a water bottle, juice box, half-full can of Coke - anything.

There’s only an open can of beer, so she peels herself off the couch, walks to the kitchen, and chugs water from the faucet. I’m not that desperate, she thinks as water drips down her chin and neck. She wipes herself off with her t-shirt and opens the cabinet below the sink to find the bag of dog food to be almost empty. Fuck! She wasn’t planning on running errands today. Jamie pours what’s left of the kibble into the hair-strewn dog bowl. Benji’s ears perk up, but he doesn’t move from the living room carpet.

Jamie looks out the window, her mind too hazy to search for her phone. It's probably for the best because she knows what day it is - the wedding. Cleaning! That’s what I’ll do today, she decides. Maybe she and Adam could even go out for dinner after he gets back from the gym. They’ve been a bit short on cash lately, but are confident things will get better. Plus, she really needs something to look forward to today.

She walks to the bathroom to get ready, taking off her wet t-shirt and throwing it on the floor. Jamie inspects her breasts, which have always been more bulbous than round. With two fingers, she pinches her right nipple like she’s about to snip it off with a pair of scissors. She can’t help but wonder what they’re doing.