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JUNE LOVELI$T | Khalid, Stoicisim, Friendship

1. 'American Teenager' - Khalid | I was obsessed with 'Location' like everyone else when it first came out last Summer, but only recently did I listen to the rest of the album, and obviously I'm very impressed. I feel like it's been a while since I've enjoyed R&B so much. Anyone else desperately misses the R&B of the 90s? 

2. 'Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1' - Calvin Harris | Calvin Harris is such a fucking wizard when it comes to working with the hottest artist of the moment it's almost an art form. I know this is a recent release, but I'm almost ashamed to admit how much I've been listening to this album since it was released on Spotify. My favourite songs are 'Slide' Feat. Frank Ocean and Migos and, naturally, 'Rollin'' Feat. Future and Khalid. 

3. Bodum French Press I I've been using the Bialetti Moka Pot since university, but it was finally time for a change. It was mainly an issue with our crappy hob, and because I need more caffeine than a tiny espresso in the morning. Never looking back! Hands down the easiest way to make decent coffee - would highly recommend for fellow lazy fucks out there.

4. Nails, Nails, Nails | Ask anyone in my life what my worst habit is (currently), and they'll probably say 'picking at her fingers'. I've been tearing at hangnails and cuticles for almost two decades, no joke. After countless attempts involving Band-aids, medical tape, bitter nail polish, you name it, I've finally quit on pure will (and A LOT of cuticle oil). Since, I've been a bit obsessed with doing my nails (badly), as it's helped me significantly in keeping on track. My current favourite is a glitter polish that looks very similar to the OPI seen here. I'm aspiring for Wah London-level nails someday...

5. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg - Not going to lie, I felt a tad ashamed about picking up this book at first because the title and cover reads kind of like a self-help book. Although I, in fact, was looking for a self-help book, re: my previously mentioned efforts at correctly some bad habits. Like I said, I did manage to stop the biting on determination alone, but this book was very helpful. Written by an investigative reporter, it's a science-backed and thoroughly researched exploration into how our brains work. I've applied a few of its suggestions, but it's an interesting read nonetheless. 

6. Okja Directed by Bong Joon-Ho - Those who have seen the trailer will know how damn good it looks, and the film didn't disappoint at all. It's heartfelt without taking itself too seriously, while bringing to light an important issue in an accessible way. From what I read, a fresh rating seems to be the general consensus among critics as well, who note the collaborative production and lack of big studio opinions is what makes the film stand out. The best I've seen since Wonder Woman for sure.

7. Stoicism - Okay, this is kind of a weird one. Stoicism as Philosophical discipline is really having its moment in modern times thanks to Tim Feriss introducing its ideas to Silicon Valley giants. It spread from there, and now seems to having a full-blown comeback. While I still have a lot of reading to do, I have to admit that since exposing myself to its core ideas, Stoicism has me on multiple occasions in dealing with various issues. I know that sounds insufferably vague, but do a little digging and you'll know what I mean. 

8. Friendship | A month or so ago, I set a goal for myself to try to be a better friend, as it's been something that's been on my mind for a while. I don't have a definition to go by in terms of what is "a good friend", so whatever you have in your mind is probably similar: thoughtful, supportive, proactive, open, etc. As someone who's moved around quite a bit and been distracted with various issues over the past couple of years, I found myself falling short in a lot of these areas. I know there's no excuse, which is why I've tried consciously make more of an effort over the past month, and it's been a fulfilling experience as expected. While I never took my friends for granted, it's reminded me how important these lifelong relationships are. 

9. Jade | Growing up, I thought Jade too old-school. My Mom has always loved Jade, and has been collecting pieces for years. She's gifted me a few over the past couple of years, all of which I treasure and wear often. But wasn't until recently after I began educating myself about the Gemstone that I not only started to appreciate, but absolutely love Jade. I'm planning more content about Jade, so stay tuned! 

10. 'Undress' - Agathe Sorlet | I follow quite a lot of illustrators online (what I want to be in my next life), and Agathe's work has been my favourite this past month. Her work is compelling in its simplicity, and evocative in its mundane normality. And her GIFs are great as well!

11. Kikki.K DIY Album | Okay, you guys are probably thinking 'what the fuck is this'. Yes, it's a blank notebook, but I wasn't sure if I was quite ready to share the contents of my scrapbook. I'm not sure if I've talks about scrapbooking on the blog, but it's really escalated quickly since I got this album. I might do a quick flip-through of my scrapbook if anyone's interested. Let me know in the comments!