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1. JOEY BADA$$ | The first song I heard from ALL-AMERIKKAN BADA$$ (2017) was obviously its biggest hit 'DEVASTATED', and it took me a while to listen to the entire album, which has since been on repeat. Jo-Vaughn's (real name) style reminds me a lot of Nas circa his Illmatic days - old school tempo, forcefully political, and lyrically potent. 'SUPER PREDATOR (Feat. Style P)' is by far my favourite song, and not only because it has a nod to Biggie. 

2. Kendra Dandy x Vans | I hadn't owned a pair of Vans since high school, and was deciding between the Classic and these Kendra Dandy Authentic. Considering I wear 90% black, I figured I could afford to verge on the fun side with my footwear. I'm so glad I went with these eggtastic ones - it's impossible to stop staring at my feet, and I've been wearing them every weekend. 

3. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfecter | I'm going through a highlighter-phase, you guys. It's terminal. I already owned Benefit's Watt's Up, which is a great cream highlighter that lasts all day, but I was looking for powder one, as I just can't get the cream to work well on days I wear foundation & powder. I now completely understand why BECCA is a cult favourite because this highlighter is out of this world. It's so finely-milled and natural on the skin, it's almost difficult to overdo it. I have Champagne Pop, and will try my best not to purchase another very soon...

4. Gold Figaro Chains | Remember the figaro chains of the 90s / early Noughties? These were the shit. Well they're still the shit to me because I've been wearing mine on the regular. I bought a chunky one from ASOS that's unfortunately no longer available, but they're basically everywhere. 

5. Fluffy Ruffles Fern | Would any post on this blog be complete if it doesn't mention plants? And yes, that's the real name, officially known as Nephrolepis exaltata. I don't think this picture is doing the Fluffy Fern justice because it's one of the most unique houseplants I've owned, or even seen. The leaves have a very, you guessed it, fluffy almost furry texture and in typical fern fashion, it grows and sheds quickly. My partner's Mom actually segregated part of her plant after she saw me admiring it, as she said it's difficult to buy in Hong Kong. She's just the best. 

6. The New Yorker Covers | New Yorker Covers are something of a cultural touchstone, and have a pretty well-known cult following, as only the crème de la crème of artists and graphic designers have the opportunity to work on this (I suggest checking out Netflix's Abstract: The Art of Design for more about this topic). I think they've been especially killing it recently with the Comey cover - one of the most though-provoking yet humorous of recent memory - and of course the Bob Dylan cover from this week, which is to honour his Nobel Peace Prize in Poetry. 

7. Overnight Oats | I tried the overnight oats trend a year or two ago, but I couldn't keep it up because it just felt too dense and unappetising in the morning. When I gave it another go this month, I tried adjusting the proportions to my own liking and added more chia seeds, which has helped a lot. Check out these recipes if you want to give it a try. 

8. Sally Yates | A modern American hero, simply put. Not only has she been leading the group of government officials who have rejected of Trump's brash and irresponsible decisions, the ideologies to which she grounds her civil service is truly the foundation in which the country is built. As a progressive liberal, it's really difficult for me to overstate how much of an inspiration she's been since the start of the Trump administration, and the hope she's allowed into what has been a devastating political shift in America. I'll stop the gushing and let you decide for yourself

9. Better Call Saul | Breaking Bad was and is still one of my favourite series, so it was a given that I gave Better Call Saul a try. What I thought was a slow start has changed to a belief that it's perhaps the best series on television at the moment. The plot line, symbolism, and themes of good vs. evil, familial relations, survival vs. morality simply surpasses most, even thought we're in the so-called 'Golden Age' of television. A must watch.