Lovesick Studio


Based On A True Life


Hellooo. It's hard to believe we're already a third of the way through 2017. Back in January, I mentioned something about an announcement of sorts, and it seems I've managed to pull it off to my own surprise, as it's actually happening!

The project I'm humbled to share with everyone is a collection of essays about moments and observations from my life that you may (hopefully) find amusing or thought-provoking. By no means do I think my life is exceptional or noteworthy, but if just one other nobody connects with what I have to say, and their day is marginally better because of it, then my job is here done. 

If you're interested, go ahead and click the link on the left, as Part 1: Model Minority is live. Do check my Instagram to keep updated on release dates. 

As always, thank you to everyone for the support, and looking forward to any and all feedback.