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#DIMEWEAR and Life, Recently

I've failed. I over-promised with splendid, breathtaking, and provocative new content and have yet to deliver in any capacity. Work has been mental, and while it's paid off, I've been feeling creatively stunted in my personal life. As a result, I've started an Instagram account for this blog, which you can see here. I've included some unused outtakes: 

I'm calling this account a 'personal mood board', which is accurate in that it's a way for me to document some creative inspirations for my uninterested progeny, and for myself to keep it all together. On the other hand, it's not exactly personal, as it's now public, and I'm interested to see if anyone would follow an account where the content curator prefers to have her face out of the frame. 

Separately, 2017 so far has been full of learning and personal growth. While it's never comforting to be reminded of our inevitably ageing, I am grateful for the life experiences I've gained, and the mental and emotional changes I've made as a result to better deal with challenges. The positivity I've been desperate to infuse into my persona is bearing fruit, and I have to give myself a good 'ol pat on the back for this. 


Last month, I was fortunate enough to gone have skiing in Japan, which turned out to be one of the best weeks. It's astounding how much perspective we gain after some travelling in terms of understanding our capacity to live in the moment, only to forgo all the self-reflection upon our return. I'm hoping to hold on to this feeling a bit longer, and remind myself to live everyday with purpose, wonder, and graciousness. 

I hope this post wasn't overly sentimental. If you thought it was, don't worry, I'm already plotting my next world-hating, diatribe-filled, and cynicism-ridden post.