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LoveList | January 2017

1. Oolong Tea | The old Chinese lady part of me has been manifesting with a vengeance in the past couple of months. I was an avid Green Tea drinker all last year, but have recently made a switch to Oolong. Two two aren't very different, as Oolong is the partially-fermented cousin of Green Tea. But Green Tea surpasses Oolong marginally with regards to its catechin content (i.e. the antioxidant that helps fight Cancer), so I suppose it's fair to say that it's better for you. But some people, including myself, have found it to be slightly less harsh on the stomach. 

2. Atelier Cologne Bergamonte Soleil | I received a 10 ml size of this for Christmas, and have been wearing it pretty much everyday. As the name suggests, it's a warm, unisex scent, that - most importantly - makes me feel like the fucking adult I am. Although I'm not quite adult enough to be able to afford the full-size bottle at the moment. 

3. Fave Songs As Of Late | (1) "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five started a recent obsession with 80s rap. Where it all started, folks. (2) "Fever To The Form" by Nick Mulvey. A sappy ballad that I've been listening to every night while clutching my lover, and reminiscing on my most intimate memories (or something like that). (3) "Swang" by Rae Sremmurd. Yep, "Black Beatles" has been played to death, but this album is just so good. This song in particular is the ultimate chill tune. 

4. iRing | I completely overlooked this product for years, falsely believing that it's a gimmicky fad, but fuck me it is just the best iPhone companion. If by some crazy chance you haven't tried using one, please trust and go buy one right now. If you use your phone to take photos or watch videos (everyone), then this is will make your life easier 100x. 

5. Neon Pothos | Crazy plant lady is at it again. As some may know, Pothos is quite literally the easiest houseplant to care for, and its Neon variety is in my humble opinion the most beautiful of the bunch (the most common being Golden Pothos). Having a houseplant the colour of a green highlighter does wonders for brightening up the flat. An unnatural, natural beauty. For those who are curious about other easy-to-care-for houseplants, a comprehensive plant post coming soon! 

6. Washi Tape | So I've been an avid scrapbooker for a couple months now, and my favourite stationary item is the Washi Tape. I'm also working on a post sharing some of my thoughts and tips about the hobby, and a peek into my scrapbook for those who have no life like me!  MT Masking Tape is by far the best brand out there in terms of price, quality, and variety. 

7. Lovesick (Netflix) | Netflix Hong Kong is pretty shite due to its stripped-down selection, so binge-watching is a bit harder to come by. But this show sucked me in so quickly that I didn't realise what was happening until I saw the semi-permanent ass print on my mattress. It starts out as your somewhat generic sitcom-style show, but give it a few episodes and you'll realise that it's a real gem: thoughtful dialogue, intimate plot lines, and great chemistry among the cast. I remember crying a couple of times throughout, as it evoked feelings of love, longing, and heartbreak so accurately. Bonus if you've lived in the UK - prepare for some serious nostalgia. 

8. Knitting | Old lady tendencies prevail yet again. Yep, I've been keeping busy with knitting in the evening as a way to get away from staring at a screen the second I get home. I used to knit quite a bit in university because (a) I lived in what felt like Siberia, and (b) it was a great way to de-stress from dissertation-writing. While I no longer write dissertations, the de-stressing factor still holds true. Put on some music, knit a bit, doesn't really get better.