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April LoveList | Truth & Time Tells All

Okay, hands up if you know which insufferable reality show this quote came from. Anyone? Well, if you know which show it is, then you'll also know why I'm embarrassed to have used it. But the 2006 me would've been proud. 

It's been a while since I made a Lovelist, and I always forget how enjoyable it is to reflect and appreciate some favourite things, even though the whole exercise is materialistic at its core, hah. 

  1. Bella Hadid | Obsessed is the only way to describe my feelings toward this perfect female specimen. This is not one of those if-I-were-a-lesbian type situations (I prefer more of a Jenny Shimizu type), but a couple more of those Cannes moments and I might change my mind. 
  2. Ginger | This is a weird one, I'll admit, but ginger is the absolute shit. I've been drinking ginger water (ginger, hot water, lemon) for a month, and it's already benefited my health in so many ways, the main being fighting candida
  3. Diptyque Eau Rose | I used to have a pretty full-on approach to fragrances, meaning I went for the most potent, strange, and eye-lash burning scents. Exactly one year ago, I decided to go the au natural route and purchased this close-to-perfect rose eau de toilette from Diptique. Due to the insane price tag, I've been putting off the repurchase. I can't believe I dished out that much last year to be honest, but now that I've reached the last half inch or so, I want it even more! Also, it transports me back to the happy memories of first having moved back to Hong Kong a year ago, pretty magical. Does that ever happened to you?
  4. Bobbi Brown Art Stick Trio | This was a cheeky purchase from duty free last month, and I have to say I'm a lipstick convert. In my mid-20s, I might add. The pigmentation and staying power gives this formula is an A+ in my books. Only small complaint is that it's slightly drying, but I have hard time imagining that it would have the same matte finish that I like without any drying feeling. I got the shades Pomegranate, Rose Brown, and Dusty Pink, which are all versatile and wearable. 
  5. Slides | The ones I purchased are unfortunately out of stock, but there are eons of other options online. These babes are awesome. I've been wearing it non-stop over the weekend; might be slightly too casual for some, but I dress like a hobo so it all works out. 
  6. Bvlgari B.Zero1 White Gold Necklace | I got this necklace a gift from my parents a couple of years ago, and after a short hiatus, it's back on my neck and I'm falling in love all over again. It was such an unexpected surprise, and designer-lust aside, these pieces are always very special, and something I know I'll treasure until my neck is all spotty and wrinkly. 
  7. Enlight | I finally caved into the hype and bought this App, and I'm never looking back. It's not as user friendly as some of the other photo-editing Apps out there, but you can do a lot of more visually compelling edits with this. I would recommend buying a stylus because of the effects require some drawing. Can't wait to check this App out on an iPad at some point! 
  8. Personal Filofax in Fluro Pink | I had wanted a Filofax in what feels like my entire life because that's what I saw adults using as a kid. In my mind, you're not a real working person until you lug this thing around and scribble down your every thought. I'm sure children these days can't really relate. I went pretty off-brand and got this blindingly pink one (mainly because the brown looked more senior citizen than adult), but surprisingly love it. It catches people off guard sometimes, but it's since become one of my best friends, and I actually manage to write down all the things now. Some exciting projects live in their pages! 
  9. Tattoos | I've been looking into getting another tattoo recently. All consuming on some days. If anyone knows any talented tattoo artists in Hong Kong, please let me know! 
  10. Girls (HBO) Season 5 | Friends know that I'm a diehard Girls fan, The fact that I've already watched this season three times should give you some clue. And it just keeps getting better! This season hit me hard in so many ways. As much as I loved the previous seasons, I've never been able to relate to having OCD, breaking up with a college sweetheart, or going to rehab. But feeling like I can't face what I perceive to be another failure is a feeling I'm familiar with. The last episode (pictured) was especially difficult to watch, but it felt cathartic in many ways. If you've never seen the show, I would highly recommend it if you want to better understand the many dichotomies of life as we know it for the 20-something urban. Sounds asinine and riddled with first-world-problems, but just give it a chance. Promise.