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Photo Journal | 2016, More Celebration

Like many, I've always thought that New Years is overrated. I didn't understand why people put so much effort into the celebration and the fruitless task of making resolutions. Look, humans are made to fail - it's pretty obvious. 

But this year has been a little different. While I still don't get why some agonise over what to wear, I've come to understand why people want to make resolutions. No one likes to play favourites, but it's impossible not to periods of your life that stand out as being eventful.

By years end, we all have a feeling about how the year went down, causing wistful smiles at times and permanent bitch-face others. For the latter group, elation over the prospect of a fresh start overrides nostalgia and resolutions are just another way to announce - whether to the world or yourself - that this is fucking serious. 

For me, 2015 has been a mixture of both. There were big changes, challenges, and perspectives. At the same time, there was sadness, and reminder of a truly unhappy time in my life. With that, I end the year with a promise to take larger steps, but with a special emphasis on spending more time to explore personal happiness.

Who's with me?  

More risk & more responsibility. 


Expanding the familiar boundaries of creativity. 


Less vanity, more celebration. 


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