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LOVELIST | January 2016

1. Film | Carrying around a film camera has been an eye-opening experience so far. Taking time out to get the best shot you can and the anticipation of waiting to have your pictures developed really does change the way you see photography. I've been using the Lomo LC-A+ that I received for my birthday. Since it's a Lomography camera, the process is slightly different, as it's all about the point-and-shoot 'tude, but it's been great nonetheless. I'll be sharing some of the photos I've taken and the experience in a later post. 

2. Tea, Tea and More Tea | Yup, I've been drinking a ton of tea lately. Herbal, to be exact. I noticed a change in energy levels and complexion after just a month. Much of this probably has to do with hydration, but the effects have allowed me to cut down on coffee too. I'm mainly drinking green tea and fennel, but trying to branch out to others, and eventually start mixing my own herbs. For now, I'm keeping it simple with supermarket brands like Pukka, Yogi, and Dr. Stuart. Traditional Medicinals and Teapigs are also great. 

3. Candles | Basically need them to be burning whenever I'm home. I always try to buy soy candles, which burn longer, diffuse a stronger scent, and are non-toxic and natural. No brainer, really. They can get quite pricey in Hong Kong, but are worth it in the long-run. Ecoya has been my fave, although the markup here is rather sad. 

4. Muji Jewellery Box | I got this as a Christmas present for myself. It's minimalist, utilitarian, and chic. A super good buy. 

5. Podcasts | I've been listening to podcasts non-stop in the past couple of months; to the point where I rarely listen to music. They're perfect for commutes or the lunch hour because you're engaged are able to use that time productively by learning a bit of something. While like everyone I do enjoy Serial, I feel that there's a lot of great stuff aside from investigatory journalism out there. I've been loving HKS PolicyCast, Stories from NPR, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, RadioLab. Stuff You Should Know, The Cracked Podcast, and This American Life are also enjoyable.  

6. Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" (1977) | On repeat. 

7. Floral CasioI got this watch on Asos during the Boxing Day sales. Super light & comfortable, and does the job.