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Then Maybe You Should Learn How To

So I’ve been learning the ropes of customer service for in the past few weeks to better understand all aspects of the company I'm working for.

This new role entered me into a relationship (customer service rep and customer) that I’ve never been in before. It's interesting. Separate from the positive learning aspects of this, I’ve never been met with so much entitlement in my entire life. It's inspired me to write about entitlement and hopefully provide an interesting perspective.

Firstly, I can understand customers who are rude because they’re upset with a mistake that occurred. But what I can’t understand are those who become belligerent and inflammatory because their demands, however unreasonable, are unmet.

I had one customer who attacked the company due to our inability to provide a service that’s completely outside the scope of services for a company that does what we do. You will...before you go out of business...if you can’t, then maybe you should learn how to…were some of the statements being thrown around. Making threats in this way is a sign that the person is detached from reality and totally lacking of self-awareness.

But most importantly, this person has confused entitlement with right.

Companies go out of their way to serve customers, but at the end of the day, the relationship is simply a transaction, a mutually beneficial exchange. Wanting to be treated with special attention is reasonable in this context. Being expected to be is not.

Walking into a diner and being served regardless of your race or getting married in spite of your sexual orientation are rights; rights that people had to fight for. The only person who is going to fight for someone who is entitled is themselves.

Even though it may sound a bit over-dramatic bringing up civil rights, but I think the idea is the same. Entitlement is toxic to society and it leads to larger issues. People who assume this characteristic will go to whatever lengths necessary to elevate themselves when they don’t deserve it, no matter how trivial the cause.

I know that I can be entitled at times, and I want to keep that in check. Let’s not let it go unnoticed, in others and in ourselves.