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Animal Farm

Time seems to be flying by. September is already coming to an end and I'm just starting to adjust to an year-end mentality. It's been a long week; things are suddenly changing and I'm figuring out how to face the challenges in the best possible way. Sometimes, it's hard to anticipate whether a 'deal with it as it comes' attitude or being fully prepared is the right approach. 

Monki Blazer, H&M Tank, Zara Sandals

I've been wearing this blazer to death; so in love with it. Perfect piece for transitioning into the cooler weather. 

Clearly not into me. 

Golden week is just a few days away and I couldn't be more excited, even if it means having a 6-day work week. I spent my day lounging, helping my crayfish Sir Cray & 2 goldfish move house, and meeting a few random street pups.