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NYFW Street Style Faves

I don't know if you guys are like this, but I go through periods of being super into fashion and wanting to dress up everyday to "let's just find something without a stain on it". Regardless, NYFW has been amazing as always this year and I wanted to share some of my favorite street style looks.

Although, quite unfortunately for all of us, the major piece of news that's come out of fashion week is Kendall Jenner getting bullied? Since when did a Kardashian monopolise the only final sacred media event left in America? And why is issue of models being bitches to each other even a thing worth talking about?

Okay, bullying is wrong but I'm sure she's going to find some Kardashian to scratch that model's eyes out and eradicate her from every social scene in the continental U.S. and parts of Canada.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think about NYFW this year if you've been following!