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Minnie Hotel

I made a super quickie trip to Hong Kong this past weekend. I wish I had more time to hang and take photos of the beautiful city but it was unfortunately an over-before-you-know-it kinda visit. I did get a chance to chill with my friend Brennan (Hi! If you're reading). He took me to PMQ, which I've never been. We got rained on and had a some healthy food.

I stayed in Mini Hotel Central. Not the best experience and not necessarily the worst. The room was okay in itself, if you try to disregard the tiny spot of blood on the pillow, a lot of dust and hair underneath the bed, and countless fingerprints on the mirrors. Love hotel? Likely so.

I guess what did put a damper on the stay was a little incident that might entertain some. So, not surprisingly, Hong Kong was gasp-for-air humid over the weekend, which meant that the AC had to be on full blast in the room. But I got up in the middle of the night to turn it down because a few more hours of the cold would've turned my room into an icy grave. But in the morning, the entire floor was covered with puddles of water form the humidity. Rudely awakened by falling hard on my bum first thing in the morning. In no-longer dry clothes that I was meant to be wearing that day.

Moral of the story - invest in a de-humidifier, or at least a mop, if you're going to be in HK during the rainy season. 


Vera Wang boutique in Soho.

Tsui Wah at the airport - a must for every trip. Although no vegetarian breakfast option.

A room with no view.

"All Over Shampoo"; efficient consolidation.