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Back On Track

I realised that I haven't made an outfit post in such a long time. I've been feeling pretty uninspired as of late to put in much effort. Looking back on the past few months, the only thing that I genuinely flipped out about was Alexander Wang's 2014 RTW Collection. It's old news but better late than never.


I think most of what he does is the work of a mad genius, but this collection - especially - was just so perfect. My favorite looks above. I was actually fortunate to have had the chance to visit ARETE Studio in Shanghai, a brand that's linked to Alexander Wang's mom.

I'm really excited to try out this look out in the fall when Shanghai isn't the hellish sauna that it is in the Summer. Although, as of late, it's decided that it wants to be a shower instead. Almost of week of consecutive rain has left most at their breaking point.

Uniqlo backpack.

Uniqlo backpack.

American Apparel denim trainers.

For the time being, I managed to find a shirt dress that's kind of inspired by this collection. Definitely not going to have the courage to try, or even be able to pull off, the unbuttoned styling but can't wait to get a matchy-matchy knitted ensemble.

Until next time! xo