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Endless Summer Days in the City

Ryan Reynolds and I on a date at my favourite coffee shop in Shanghai: Seesaw Cafe (660 Yuyuan Road). 

I can't believe it's been more than a month since I posted; if it wasn't for this person who recently stumbled upon the blog and commented on this fact, I probably wouldn't have managed to sum up the motivation to finally write. I actually starting writing a few posts but gave up halfway after losing momentum, realised the utter stupidity of the topic, or thought it was a better idea to verbally vent to helpless people rather than taking it out on my keyboard. But I'm determined to get things going again (did I say this in my last post?) and think that this little photo journal is a good place to start. 

It's been a month of ups and downs. Some serious sulking at my favourite coffee shop (see above), which has led to a bit of epiphany-ing. Although I have to admit that one moment of complete lucidness inevitably leads to feeling like I'm essentially a conglomeration of every annoying trait from every character on Girls

If I have to summarise this past month in a nutshell (or a Tumblr worthy inspirational quote, rather), I'd have to say one of the biggest difficulties in life is to be honest to yourself. It takes so much courage to do so - to the point where it's something that most of us will probably never achieve. I think that the people who always act in a way that is completely genuine to who they are, devoid of any pretension or fear of judgement, are really admirable. I understand that I've made a vague statement here; what it entails is up to you guys to decide.

Thanks for reading!  

Where things meet. 

Gaia in IAPM. 

Tunic from India that was mailed by my BFF. 

Crisis-induced attempt at developing a hobby: perfume making! 

Endless summer days in the city.