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I See Fire

The weather has been seriously depressing in Hong Kong the past few days. No one has seen sun for about a week and the humidity makes me feel like I'm living underwater. Yesterday, it took me what felt like 30 minutes to change out of my soaked skinny jeans - basically a more intense version of the kind of struggle we all have when we try to take off a ring that we really shouldn't have put on in the first place because it was too small. As a result of non-stop downpour and no natural light, all photos have come out terribly. Hence the black and white filter for today's outfit post. I got this set, a predicable ensemble for those who know my style, from H&M (monochrome). Sometimes I think that maybe it's laziness that keeps me going back to the matchy-matchy outfits; no need to use your brain when you get dressed in the morning! 

I'm off to pick up a visa I recently applied for. Why is applying for visas such an emotionally draining experience. There seems to be drama one way or another, no matter which country you're forcing yourself upon. As much as I am familiar with the procedures now, I still can't help but come close to throwing a fit whenever they demand yet another document or hold their cold stoicism regardless of circumstance. But I've come to realise that through the years that having your visa approved to live in a country is truly a privilege. It's not something that people should feel entitled to. I just have to keep that in mind during 3 hour queues and extortionate fees. Like using the HK$1 per sheet copier at the embassy. Look forward to going back to the U.S. soon, where hopefully I'll hear the words: "welcome back, Miss Chen".