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Review: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation

US$45  and HK$540 

US$45 and HK$540 

I'm using Medium Beige 

Straight out of the shower 

Applied on the left side 

I finally purchased a new foundation after about a year. I've been wanting to try this one for ages and finally snatched it up about 2 weeks ago. I thought that I would be able to decide in that time whether or not I like it but I'm still back and forth with this foundation. 

It's supposed to be a full coverage foundation that's supposed to provide the "ultimate in flawless natural coverage...light diffusing formula offering advanced light reflection properties which cause fine lines and wrinkles to optically vanish". That's quite a lot of promises. 

I don't know about the lines vanishing etc. but this foundation is quite special. First, you have to really - and I mean really - shake this baby up before you use it. Perhaps it's a bit more difficult because I still have a full tube. But the first few times I used it, the consistency was way off and kind of made it look splotchy when applied. But once it is properly mixed, it does apply beautifully and has a creamy feel. It has a satin finish and looks good even without powder. 

At first, it was hard getting used to the formula because I was more used to using liquid foundations. It almost felt more time consuming to apply evenly at first but it just took a bit of time to get used to. I also just use my fingers to apply but I might try using a sponge because that's what the makeup artist at Laura Mercier suggested. Since it is full coverage, I usually only apply a bit on areas where I need it. I think it's suitable for all skin types and wears well throughout the day. It does apply better with a primer, if you're willing to go through the hassle of using one. 

As of right now, I still don't really see anything too special about this foundation but I'm hoping some experimentation will help me see why it's such a cult favourite. 


  • Does not emphasise pores; natural finish
  • Does not need to be set with powder 
  • Can use for flash photography


  • No SPF 
  • Applies better with primer