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We Have Unfinished Business

Very in love with this dress from Zooq - it almost has a sari feel. It's supposed to fit very differently for normal people; as with all dresses, a mini skirt goes down to about my knees. So I'm sure the omni-flattering cut should look better on all you leggy girls. Unfortunately, it's sold out but there are loads of similar styles on the site. 

The thunderstorms continues here in Hong Kong and people are getting quite fed up. Personally, I have yet to reach my breaking point but I'm definitely losing my ongoing battle with mildew. Everyday, I lose something to mildew. The way that it creeps all over yet another cute cloth sac, or piece kitchenware, whatever, is really eerie. I feel like it can be somehow metaphorically linked to the spread of incurable disease or the slow deterioration of humanity or something. Okay maybe I have too much time on my hands to think morbid thoughts but apart from this mildew fiasco, I've just been packing and sorting things out, generally. Exciting but super scary changes ahead!