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Only Hate the Road When You're Missing Home

Zara Dress, Global Work Flats

New dress from Zara, which I was hoping would get me into the summer mood. The warm weather has altogether disappeared in the past week or so because of the rain season. Still - can't wait to wear this loads in the next few months. Very simple and flattering, even if you have to endlessly pull the dress up, as the fabric is actually quite heavy. 

I've come out of the May Day holiday with a few serious tan lines and feeling quite refreshed. I was glad that I managed to haul myself to the beach. But a minor allergic reaction put a bit of a damper on the last few days. Everything is all good now and I'm ready to get through this month as quickly and painlessly as possible, considering the changes ahead. 

I've been listening to sappy songs for the past few days, in light of some recent events. It all feels like yet another 'life is so much more complicated than you can imagine' moment. For all my friends who are feeling low - it'll get better. Mourning the end of a relationship is not wholly different from grieving the loss of someone. It's the death of a central part of your life so to move past that emptiness needs to be done through a step-by-step process. You're figuratively, and seemingly physically, shedding a layer of skin in order to start anew. 

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