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Hong Kong Deets: Chow

I've really been quite underachieving about exploring Hong Kong for someone who has lived in the city for quite a few months. People who know me in any capacity will agree that I'm not at all a foodie. In fact, I generally have no interest in food. I never care where I eat and while fine dining is nice, I'm the kind of person who's fine with having sandwiches for 50 meals straight.

Even on occasions when I do dine out at a nice place, the food usually doesn't stand out like the places I list below. Before I get into it, I am a pescetarian (only recently, was a vegetarian for about 5 years) so I am very biased towards vegetarian restaurants. I do think that meat eaters and even omnivores can appreciate these places as well. Next is coffee! 

MANA! Fast Slow Food - By far my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong. I've traveled the very long distance from my place just to get the salad to go on many occasions. I love that it's also a lifestyle restaurant; they really stress the importance of sustainability, where everything is organic and traceable. Like I said, the salad is the best thing ever and the flats (aka wraps) are all equally as good. The 'Nirvana' wrap is my favourite. Very chill and spiritual ambience. Price range: HKD90 for large salad, HKD85 for flat, HKD42 for green juice. Address: 92 Wellington Street, Central.

The Herbivores - This one is actually a sit-down restaurant. A very small and cosy place near Soho. The menu changes quite frequently, depending on what's in season, and they always try to make it interesting. Last time I got a pumpkin steak. It's definitely not one of those vegetarian restaurants that tries to make up for not having meat on the menu by having meat-like substitutes. The veggies speak for themselves! Must make a reservation because there's very limited seating (large communal table and two smaller tables). Price Range: around 180 for main. Address: 35 Staunton Street, Soho. 

Maya Café - I've only been to Maya Café once but it definitely left an impression. It's a Mediterranean/vegetarian restaurant, which is just the best of two perfect worlds in my book. They offer traditional Mediterranean foods like a mezzo platter and potato croquette. What's unique is that they also have raw soups and pastas, which I didn't get but looking forward to trying the next time I'm there. From what I remember, most of the dishes were vegan as well, apart from the wide selection of desserts. Many options of healthy juices as well. All white and blue decour is very Grecian, with a lot of hanging plants. Cozy atmosphere with outdoor seating. Always packed, so get there early. Price Range: HKD128 for lunch set. Address: 5 Moon St, Wan Chai.