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Monki Top & Trousers, Accessorise Necklace, Forever 21 Flats 

The weather in Hong Kong has been extreme, to say the least. The truly epic thunderstorm that has been reeking havoc all over the city in the past couple of days genuinely resembled, to quote a local blog, The Day After Tomorrow. I personally don't have a flooding or knocked unconscious by hail story to tell but I did go from dry to completely soaked in 30 seconds on Saturday night. Literally did not have enough time to open my umbrella. I've done well in refraining from screaming "CLIMATE CHANGE!" every time I make small talk about the weather with someone. But I don't really see more damning evidence than the fact that people were swimming home in various parts of the city just two nights ago. 

I'll admit I look like a twat here. No, I'm not wearing PJs (supposedly) and yes, I did wear it in public. I had been meaning to check out the Monki store in Mongkok for a while and did so this weekend. There was an instant attraction with this ridiculous outfit (I think I might be taking the outdated trend a little to far). My friend tried to talk me into getting another matchy-matchy outfit that was a tee and pencil skirt with a more socially acceptable striped pattern. But she changed her mind and told me to get this one when I said that the other made my legs immobile and my lower body look like a sausage factory. I like that we both value comfort above looking like a fool. 

Still trudging along, waist deep in sludge, with school and other things. I am happy to be able to say that decisions are being made and a concrete plan for the future seems to be within grasp. I hope this new-found motivation lasts; I've even started doing yoga again. Despite constant, and I mean constant, reminders from friends that yoga is not a sport, I still think it is - largely because I have the natural flexibility of a 90-year-old man who has been on bed rest for a decade. 

I've been low on ideas for blogposts recently, so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.