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Ragged Priest Jumper, Forever 21 Flats

Yes! I've chopped my hair off; about 4 inches. I asked the hairdresser for a blunt, just below the shoulder cut. He told me what I apparently wanted was a 'lob' (long bob) so I said, "sure, why not  right after my hash (hair wash)". No, I didn't actually say that. I only know one person on this planet that would appreciate that joke and not leave me for it. 

I've been loving the change; I can recommend the salon and specific hairdresser here if anyone is interested. I've been thinking about writing a post about all my fave places in HK anyways so it'll probably be up soon. So far, there's been zero regret. All the girls, and guys I suppose, who are reading - isn't it so traumatic when you don't like a haircut? And even if you think it's fine, you always feel so vulnerable for the first few days, like when you know the public bathroom door doesn't lock but you decide to pee really quickly anyways. It's like that feeling, but all the time.

Although when I catch a glimmer now and then of my newly lighter head, I usually have one of two thoughts: "it looks like I have the 90s Rachel haircut" and "I would totally look like I have a man bun if I put my hair up". It's fine though, I still just feminine enough but also hassle-less enough to not care about looking like a less pretty version of Jared Leto when need be. 

The seasons seemed to have changed overnight here in Hong Kong. I literally went from sleeping in fetes position at the foot of the my bed in order to get more heat from my shitty little heater to wearing a tank top and shorts in the span of 24 hours. It perfectly demonstrated that fact that I'd rather be too cold than too hot any day. 

I ordered this jumper from Zooq last week during the Spring sale (it's still going on!). I had been eyeing for a while because I've been wanting something tartan for a whole. Plus, the Ragged Priest is such a cool British brand. So I had to wear this even though it's about 22 degrees outside and I look slightly pregnant in it.