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I wrote in a previous post about skirts that render you immobile. Well - no problem here! Love this draped skirt from Zara. So much freedom. I have an exciting fashion post coming up, where I had the opportunity to photograph some beautiful girls. Keep an eye out for that

Zara Skirt

Zara Skirt

I find it so annoying when people say "I've been so busy" every time you talk to them. So it embarrasses me to say that now. I'm starting to get a bit sentimental now that I only have a few weeks of school. I never expected to feel this way because the past year has been a tug-of-war in terms of how I feel about coming to Hong Kong for my degree. I don't want to say that I felt like I had made a mistake, but there were times when I felt that I could have made a better decision. But my friend told me the other day that even if it might not have been the best decision, it's what you thought was a good option at the time, so there's nothing to regret, really. 

Everyone says that they're terrible with goodbyes. I know that there going to be many moments in the next few weeks where I'll have to do that; moments where you know that it might be the last time in your life you're going to see someone. Obviously, you'll make an effort to meet up with people you're close to in the future, even if you're living on the other side of the world. But when it comes to acquaintances, and in my case some people I've been going to class with for a year, it's pretty much certain that you're never going to see them again. "We talked once about our encounters with cockroaches in Hong Kong but I'm going to miss you! Let's just add each other on FB".

It's a weird feeling and when I was doing this last year, I thought - and was hoping - that I wouldn't have to do this much in the future. I guess it's a privilege to be able to move around, meet new people, and see the world. 

But when do you know that it's time to settle down for a while so you can be surrounded by the people you love?