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New Look Blazer, H&M Blouse & Leggings, Forever 21 Flats

I frequently talk about my comfort-driven philosophy when it comes to getting dressed in the morning (euphemism for looking homeless), but in recent weeks, that statement has really taken on a whole new meaning. It seems I've completely lost interest in fashion and makeup altogether. We can all stand to be less vain and high maintenance but I feel like there might be something wrong with me. Imagine having a long brunch with your best friends and not making a single sexual innuendo - truly unsettling.

The above outfit is an attempt to look more put together. But rather than feeling like I have the proper drive to face the day, I felt like someone who should be going door-to-door selling Amway products. So I've made a decision to make a change - be on the lookout! 

The song for today was apparently a chart topping Christmas single in the UK this past year because it was in a John Lewis advert. It's been on repeat for me for about a week now. I don't know why I just find this song so incredibly romantic. If I ever get married, the first dance is either going to be this song or Nick Cannon's 'Gigolo'.