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Outfit Inspiration: Valentine's Day

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It appears that Valentine's day is a week away. The dinner specials are everywhere and there's more red where there shouldn't be. Since I tend to hate on everything that brings delight and merriment to this world, I'll start by saying that Valentine's Day is truly the worst holiday in existence - including Beer Appreciation Day and Bean Day (both of which are real, I Googled it). First of all - it makes single people feel bad. And everyone's probably sick of hearing this but It's a completely fabricated holiday and its sole purpose is to make people buy shit that they will never need. No one needs his and her mugs or eat a box of chocolates right after a month long binge fest. It turns romance into an episode of 'Toddlers and Tiaras'. 

That being said, since it's basically impossible to escape from this day one way or another - I put together 2 inspiration outfits for fun. Even if you're going to a celebrating singledom party, you should do it in style. I went to one last year and it was genuinely quite fun. Although I showed up greasy and tired looking, with a very large coffee stain on my grey sweatpants. I think I had been essay writing all day. Basically in a condition that justified my single status. At least it helped me stay a rightful invitee of the party. 

So I hope everyone has fun - whether you're doing something with your bae (when did this become a thing anyways?), friends, or by yourself but also involving chocolate, candles, and gatorade. 

In honour of this magical holiday, I've made a playlist of some of the romantic songs of all time (in my opinion). Be prepared to sing along, gag, cry, whatever fits your mood.