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How much are we worth?


I'm currently in the process of applying to jobs, which is essentially a desperate attempt to sell yourself to potential buyers. While it's understandable to do that in the professional, working world, I feel that we constantly do it in the friendship/relationship world too.  

Of course it's not purely in a material sense, as there is a human side to it all, but I can't help but wonder whether or not you can just put a price to it all. Your level of education, how worldly you are, how attractive you are, and a bunch of other quantifiable things are all being measured in a person's head when they meet you. They do subconsious calculations and come up with a number for how qualified of an employee, partner, or friend you are. 

Just how much of our opinions of people are formed just by who the person is? Such in terms of their personality, their character, or their views on life. And it's those things that gives a person his or her essence, or what really matters. The more shallow things that were mentioned earlier mostly comes with privilege and while they are important, they're still things that can be supplemented. 

While I think everyone realises this fact, it's still so difficult to not weigh the pros and cons when you meet a person. It's hard to not overestimate someone when they've attended a prestigious university or look like they walked out of Vogue. And it's easy to disregard someone for not fulfilling a minimum requirement in your mind. Some people are more flexible but no one likes a failure. 

How can we try not to put a price on people? Let me know what you guys think!