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LuLu-sing Out

A friend told me about this app called Lulu today and I said that I should write a blogpost about it, as it is utterly ridiculous. So that's what I'm doing! The app is called LuLu: "First App for Girls." I don't know how to explain it other than it's basically if OkCupid married Amazon and had a baby. Read about it here

Instead of ranting about how I think this represents the demise of humanity, I thought I'd condense my thoughts and put it on a pros and cons list of the app. I haven't actually used it myself because I no longer rate men as a full time hobby so I probably don't know the whole story. What do you guys think? 


  1. It's something to look at on your phone when Instagram, Vine, and Facebook become monotonous and boring 
  2. Helps you decide whether or not to approach a person who you've been on the fence about  approaching 
  3. Give low ratings to jerks and creeps
  4. Give low ratings to people who rejected you 
  5. Makes dating feel like online shopping with a good return policy, where you can tick either the 'I liked the item but it didn't fit properly' or 'Very poor quality' box


  1. Gives you subjective opinions about people before you meet them
  2. Know find out about other people's sex deets
  3. Consequently, not being able to get a particular image out of your head 
  4. See ratings about an ex and feel embarrassed, confused, regretful, suicidal, or all of the above 
  5. See a brother or other relative being rated and feel disgusted