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Long Distance Relation/Friendships

As people who I’m close to know, I’ve been in a long distance relationship for a while now. Too long, actually, and it never seems to have an endpoint. After the beginning of another, what seems to be, an inevitable and no-solution-in-sight separation, I decided that it was time to reflect on my experience in dealing with a now all too common part of modern life.

Writing this post, I realised that these feelings don’t solely apply to my romantic relationship. As the world becomes more globalised, more cosmopolitan, separating from the people we love and having to constantly form new relationships whilst dwindling on the old, is a privilege but also a great source of pain.

I guess I’ll start by saying, yes, my long distance relationship is painful. In fact, it’s a constant sense of longing that nags at you when you least expect it. Seeing a couple hold hands, short solitary moments, and even a tug from a stranger can tug at your heartstrings. It makes you angry and instills of sense of loneliness that can’t be filled by anything apart from the physical presence of that person.

You try to piece together a relationship with messaging and Facetime but it’s only a vain attempt to create a fragment of what is real. For me, I often drift into the other extreme where I don’t want to know the details of the person’s life because it’ll only make it all the more difficult to know that I’m not there. There are countless inside jokes, intimate moments, and new experiences that I’m not a part of. Yes, I’m happy if that person is happy, but what becomes of your relationship when you’re just a spectator of their life – like everyone else?

I really can’t come up with an optimistic ending to this post because I still don’t have an answer within the context of my life. I miss my friends everyday and I miss my boyfriend everyday. Being with them feels euphoric and being without them I just…being.

I would love to know your thoughts and how you deal with long distance relation/friendships. Please leave comments below!