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I found my innocence again

Zara tee & necklace, Topshop jeans, Forever 21 flats 

For all the short ladies out there like myself - I really recommend Topshop Moto jeans because they're actually short enough. It's always so refreshing when I actually find a pair of trousers that I don't have to hem and I usually snatch them up without much thought. I mean, god knows when I'll be able to find them again; my legs may even be shorter when that happens, as my bones would've shrunken with age. 

Something interesting happened last night that I kind of want to write about. So I was wearing the outfit from my last outfit post, which was a dress, to class. A very lovely classmate complimented me saying that I looked nice - aka not homeless looking. She asked me where I was going after. Well, considering that it was a 3-hour evening class on a Tuesday night, I said home, with perhaps a pitstop at 7 Eleven on the way back to pick up some kind of sodium saturated snack.

Then she asked: "what did you do today? Were you on a date or something?" I was confused and thought that maybe she'd seen me sitting at Pacific Coffee by myself earlier that day and was desperately hoping for my sake that I was with someone else and not there, pathetic and alone. I said no and asked why. Apparently she just thought that I must have dressed up for a reason because I looked less homeless than I usually do. It's just interesting to think that the only reason we dress up is to either impress men while we're out or to impress a man while out on a date. Then again, she probably wouldn't have commented on my appearance if I didn't look like a genuine slob a lot of the time. 

I know she was asking innocently. I just think it's nice to dress up for its own sake - to feel better about yourself that day. Of course it's lovely to make an effort when you meet people or when you're around friends/bf/gf but that shouldn't be the only reason to look nice. I mean, my gentleman friend has seen me in more compromising states than anyone else. I slap on some mascara, put on a padded bra, and squeeze myself into pinchy shoes for him sometimes but I never feel pressure to do that because he sees right through all of that. And I think the same goes for friends as well. 

I hope some of that made sense. What do you guys think? Do you think you try to look presentable for others more or yourself?