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I've gone back to the old layout because I've had some trouble working out kinks. Looks like the blog is going to stay as is for the time being. Love these new pointy flats. Not only do they make stubby legs look longer but I also feel like a proper lady.  Of course I say this as I drink milk straight out of the carton. 

I made a last minute decision yesterday to watch ''The Secret Life of Water Mitty'. It was a surprisingly refreshing and uplifting film; there were a few scenes that took place in Greenland and Iceland that reminded me so much of my quaint university town. I practically smelled the sea breeze in those scenes. 

The film also reignited my wanderlust. My best friend from university has just embarked on her own adventure recently; so proud of her for being so brave and doing what she can to change the world. It's strange to see everyone going off to do their own things whether it's staying in school, starting a job, or just travelling the world. Sometimes it can be quite different to come to terms with the path we chose and whether or not it was the right one. I do wish I was on a grand adventure sometimes but I guess I just have to try to see the present as exciting on its own terms. 

Anyway, the song for today is from the film's soundtrack, which I just loved. I'll definitely be downloading the entire thing from iTunes at some point. Enjoy! 

Zara tee, Forever 21 necklace, skirt, and flats