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Moon Landing

2014 has definitely started off right, as I've spent the best day with best friends. It was a girls day in the trust sense: trashy sex talk, Chinese takeout, and sappy pop music. The only man of the evening was none other than James Blunt. Yes, you heard it, no apologies, no shame. I used to think he was kind of a guitar-playing twat as well. But he's so much more than that because he's a talented guitar-playing twat. Even before the concert was over, I already knew that I would end my night listening to 'Sun on Sunday' in my bed, cradling my pillow as if it were my lover's head, and crying silent tears of tenderness.

Also, watching him only made me miss Brits more than I already do, as he managed to be self-deprecating 5 minutes into the concert. Shanghai is the first stop for his year long world tour for his new album Moon Landing. Admittedly, I knew only one of his new songs before going to the concert but it'll definitely be on repeat for the next few weeks. His over-the-top cheesiness is actually irresistible and his genuine performance was very precious. What's wrong with a bit of romance, hmmm?

So glad that I finally brought my camera out and took photos. Will try to do this more in this year. 

Met for dinner at Fortune Cookie, which serves American-style Chinese food. Here we have battered prawns drenched in sweet SAWCE. Truly glorious. Everything was masked in thick, goopy, tangy sauce - as all shitty takeout should be. 

You're Beautiful. 

Our Bonfire Hearts.

Our Bonfire Hearts.

James playing guitar to big screen James, walking pensively in black and white on the beach. 

Shorter than I expected but still butch enough to hold a guitar with one arm. 

Very happy that his last song was '1973' - one of my faves.