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Excuse Me, Forgive Me

I look like a bloke here.

Forever 21 tee, Zara necklace, jeans, and booties

What does everyone think of the new layout? I mainly decided to change things up because I don't really think I want outfit posts to be the standout content for this blog. I haven't really worked it out just yet but I'm trying upgrade so that new lookbook posts will only be in the gallery under 'new'. Still working on it; it's a mess but hopefully that will be sorted soon. 

On a side note- the past couple of days has been strange because I've been somehow been pulled into a string of weird drama. Truly high school level drama. I think it just comes to show that none of us really grows up. Accusations flying about, making unwarranted assumptions about people, and sticking your nose into other people's business.

Even if it's on a minor scale - you're still doing it and you never really realise just how unreasonable it is until you're on the receiving end. I'm definitely guilty of this as well. Seemingly harmless gossip between two people can actually turn into emotional water-boarding. And can I also just say that social media, when used inappropriately, essentially becomes an expression of humans' every vice.

What do you guys think?