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And So It Is

Loving this new structured top from Zara. Kind of regret not getting the matching trousers. 

Zara top, Forever 21 trousers, Marc by Marc Jacobs flats

I received a very sweet message on the blog from someone by the name of 'Aureliano Buendía' last night. I thought it was spam because I've unfortunately never met anyone with such a sassy name. Turns out it was an old friend. I haven't heard from him in quite a while and it was so great to see that he's still his quirky, endearing self. He was writing to say that he's enjoying the blog and also related one of his recent adventures in London that I've included below. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing this bit of his writing, which I found to be such a lovely little blurb and also very reflective of who he is:

I almost had the biggest disappointment ever this year, I landed in London without much planning, very precise luggage and no real concept of the celebrations. My luggage consisted of absolutely everything I might need for the rest of my life so my brogues and braces had to be forgotten. It was, of course, fashion week. Luckily for me me, black is apparently the new black. So I waltzed around the photographers, dodging beautiful people wearing ridiculous outfits, and had a very merry time in my very plain attire. The crowd was busy and remarkably diverse. There was a coven of witches, a hundred parka jackets and a very colourful Andy Warhol lookalike. I was very impressed.

The subject of the message was aptly named 'nostalgia'. I really do miss when we were kids in the truest sense - doing weird shit with very limited inhibitions and no real vision about the future. I hope he has fun on his travels and that we'll be able to be nostalgic together someday soon.