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Printed Sweatshirts

Looks like the printed/patterned sweatshirt trend is here to stay. This trend seems to have developed from those Boy London and the Brian Lichtenberg Homies sweatshirt to the now crazy embroidered Kenzo sweatshirts that won't quit. It's pretty ideal actually - being able to look trendy & super comfortable. This is probably the least fussy trend since the muumuu (or was that ever in? it should be if never was).

My love for Givenchy's Bambi print is definitely not over just yet. I've recently discovered this brand Aloha From Deer, which takes this trend to a while new level. Smoooth Clothing collections are also over the top and quite psychedelic. 

Here's some inspiration that I put together and some from bloggers, although I think basically anything goes in this case. 

Street style shots courtesy of Jak and Jil

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