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Review: Benefit's 'They're Real Mascara


I've been a fan of Benefit products for some time now and it isn't just because they have the most adorably packaging. Before 'They're Real', I was using BADgal, also by Benefit. That was working fine for me, but I felt that I wanted something more dramatic.

'They're Real' boasts length, volume, and lift. I agree that it does give length and volume but I'm not sure about the lift. Then again, no mascara in the world can give my lashes any lift, haha. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 12.34.20 PM.png

What I really like about this mascara that it has a dry consistency, which works well for asian lashes. It does hold the curl for some time, but I'd say that if you want it to last all day, always apply a base beforehand. The synthetic wand gives a really precise and consistent application. The custom-domed tip is supposed to be for applying product onto your corner lashes, but I find that all the product collects on the tip so it applies too thick.

I usually apply 1 coat on a normal day but 2 coats looks great as well. It can get clumpy, but you'd really have to go crazy with the application for that to happen. 

Here are some before/after photos (with curled lashes)

Here are some before/after photos (with curled lashes)