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Love, Actually [makes you stupid]

Ever since I moved to Hong Kong, one thing that I'm still not quite used to is PDA. It may be that people in the UK are not very fond of it (or the public display of any emotion for that matter) or that I just live around too many secondary school horn dogs. Either way, I'm sometimes baffled as I stare at couples on the MTR, wondering why they think it's necessary to be glued at the chest - I mean, I always thought that having a conjoined twin is a bad thing. I guess this grope bubble that so many couples use in public is the work of none other than love. 

Romantic love is a grand notion - sometimes it seems that the only thing every song, every film, every book cares about is fruitlessly trying to shed some new light on what it means to love and be loved. Well, it's quite simple to me: love makes people stupid. Everyday, people are actually voluntarily choosing to lower their IQs. Tell me - how smart is it to neglect family and friends, believe that sex is the only worthwhile thing to do with you day, and in some cases even change your life plans for another person? You might as well just wave goodbye to your life as you know it. 

As I look back on some journal entries about my current love, I can't help but dry heave for about 30 minutes before hiding the damn thing so I don't chuck it down a trash chute. And the entries reappear consistently...for months. It's as if the self-awareness part of my brain has been in serious need of maintenance since I met him. Actually, I think it's since gone on strike as a result of continual neglect. The result? Horridly sappy, self-pitying, cringe-worthy attempts to be deep: entries that are even too embarrassing for deathbeds. I'm well into my 20s dammit and I'd like to think of myself as too old for these pubescent fixations but clearly this is not the case. 

So why do we choose to be stupid? I don't know. Maybe because it's because we just want to be stupid sometimes since most of our social interactions involves efforts to appear more intellectual and put together than we actually are. When in love, you're free to overreact, overindulge, overeat (in more ways than one), and at the end of the day, you can blame those crazy chemical reactions in your brain that have chained you to that person. 

Or maybe it's because thinking about someone else before you think about yourself is so stupid but so beautiful. What does everyone think?