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Welcomes & New Beginnings 歡迎和新開

Sometimes, when life feels aimless, you just have to do something to keep the mind and fingers busy - and this blog is it. I hope everyone will enjoy the the content. And if it helps me out of this 'quarter-life crisis' that I - like so many others - can't seem to shake, then that's just a plus. 

So I guess all there's left to say is: hello, Hong Kong!  

我們感到生活沒有目標的時候,最好的解決辦法就是去尋找忙碌的心-這個博客希望能達到這個目的。我當然希望大家對寫的內容感興趣。但如果他正好能幫助我的 “生活危急”,那也算是意想不到的收穫吧。



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