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The Best of 2013

2013 is finally coming to a close so I thought it was a good idea to look back on the year through the photos I've taken from my phone. Since smartphones are newly evolved extensions of our opposable thumbs (and social media an extension of our consciousness), it's not that difficult to use Instagram to review your year. Here are my favourite photos of people, places, things, b&w, highs and lows of the year, and so on. It's definitely been an exciting year, but not without its challenges. The people have made the time pass - sometimes a bit too fast. 

Be sure to let me know if you guys do the same. Happy new year! (Hover for description)

Favourite shots of people. 

Favourite places of 2013 (From left to right, top to bottom): London, St Andrews from my flat, Admiralty Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Drottningholm Palace, Mongkok Hong Kong, Phuket

A few of my favourite things: dissertation, obsession with avocado, mail from friends, baking, boats on the pier in St Andrews, last time hosting in the flat, swans and newborns around St Andrews, lots of coffee and reading

Favourite black & white shots. 

Favourite black & white shots. 

Favourite Whatsapp photos. 

Honourable mention photos that never made it to the internet - until now.

Big changes.