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The Great Roast of 2013

I was very lucky to have spent the past couple of days in Phuket. At the risk of sounding extremely spoiled, I felt that I really needed this holiday. And since I didn't get the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, this weekend will go down in my calendar year as the great roast of 2013. Although the Asian woman part of me made the rational side wear a giant floppy hat the entire time while doing the 'mom swim'. 

Had an embarrassing amount of fun catching these little buggers for no reason. 

Apart from nonstop lounging, filling up to our eyeballs with seafood, we also took in as much as we could of the nightlife here - which was about 25 minutes. Not to say that the seizure-inducing strip club/bar/disco hybrids playing Oasis didn't look fun. Let's not forget good company - middle aged men who likely told their wives that they're on a lads'  trip when really they're here just to find women to talk about their sexual history with and find women to have sex with. It just wasn't one of those holidays I guess. 

The first sounds of mahjong tiles. 

What was in order was a trip to Phromthep Cape (or 'Promteaap Kep' as we called it the entire trip), which is the very picturesque southernmost tip of Phuket. It delivered quite a spectacular sunset - ideal location for having epiphanies about life.

Btw, being an Asian tourist here is actually great. Apart from the occasional guessing game that some street vendors engage in (mainly by saying random Chinese phrases or asking if we're Japanese), most seem to zero interest in approaching us at all. To that I can only assume that they think we: (a) understand just how useless those souvenirs are or (b) are as cheap as complimentary mints. Both of which I am completely fine with. 

In terms of food, we binged for two nights straight on seafood at Rawai beach, where you can buy fresh seafood to your heart's desire and bring it the adjacent restaurants for them to cook for you, Thai style. Pretty much got my seafood fix for the next three months and a cleanse is definitely in order. 

So so bummed about leaving. I'll definitely miss the lemongrass-scented everything and even Jurassic-like insects. I guess it's time to get back home and try to finish off the year on a high note. Definitely one of the best weekends this year.