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I'm Giving It My All

Thrifted Coat, Uniqlo Scarf, Tory Burch Bag, Zara Booties 

The world over is very aware of the dystopian levels of pollution that Shanghai has been experiencing for the past few weeks. As BBC puts it - it's basically the apocalypse here. I got in just as the worst of it was over. The need to put on industry purpose face masks makes for a great business opp for some and a great photo opp for others (guilty). But pollution really isn't all that funny. It really depresses me to think that this might be the norm for future generations. 

On a more cheerful note - Christmas is only 2 weeks away! It's so nice being back in Shanghai for the holidays. Although I'm leaving for a short pre-Xmas break break. I took this photo when I was picking up my brother from school today. I think I did well in embarrassing him as much as possible in front of his friends. 

*The Kings of Leon cover of 'Dancing On My Own' is so good.