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23 Things

It was my birthday a few days ago and without sounding too cliche, looking back, I really am grateful for all the things I've been given and all the things I've learned in the past 23 years. A lot of these are inspired by family and friends. What are some little life lessons that you guys know to be true and would like to share? 

  1. Ask people questions because everyone is interesting. 
  2. Makeup melts off and heels kill feet so there's no need to wear it everyday. But when you do, try to look like you do do it everyday. 
  3. 99% of things in life can be taken less seriously. 
  4. Looking back on a time when you were going to do something impulsive but didn't in the end is the best feeling.  
  5. If you want to do something but can't for some reason, read a book about someone who does do it.  
  6. Always sit in the front row if you want to learn something.  
  7. Unnecessary self-pitying can be swiftly cured by reading the news.
  8. Crying in public is embarrassing so don't stare at people when they do.  
  9. Don't waste your time reading books you don't enjoy.  
  10. It's when a person is being completely ridiculous that you realise just how much you love them.  
  11. There's no point actually agonising over an outfit because chances are people won't even notice.  
  12. Never eat a dinner before going to the cinema because you will want popcorn.  
  13. If you're scared about something try and convince yourself that you're not and eventually you'll believe it.  
  14. Getting something that you've wanted for a long time always feels underwhelming (unless that thing is a person). 
  15. Doing something creative can give you braingasms.  
  16. Being as minimal as possible makes life easier.  
  17. If you're doubting whether or not something is thinking about you, they're probably not.  
  18. Always end phone calls with parents with 'I love you'. How will people know you love them unless you say it?
  19. Cuddling is the no. 1 stress buster. 
  20. Hating a haircut is the point of getting one in the first place. 
  21. Making friends gets more difficult as you get older so keep the best ones close. 
  22. The only thing you can do to change someone is change how they feel about you. 
  23. People who are beautiful on the inside can never be ugly on the outside. But people who are beautiful on the outside can be ugly on the inside.