Lovesick Studio


In the Thundering Rain

Thrifted top, Faux fur snood from Ebay, Zara sweatpants

For a second right after I uploaded the photo, I thought wow it looks like I got dressed in the dark. I've basically been living in sweats for the past 2 weeks. Probably for the best anyways. Sleep depravation has made my face as puffy and unattractive as a girl who's just been dumped by her bf through text the night before prom. I should also say that repeating "YOU BETTER FALL ASLEEP IN THE NEXT 5 MINUTES OR YOU'LL DIE" in your head the whole night actually does not help with insomnia. 

I leave for Hong Kong in 3 days to escape the frustration that has been this semester and the avian flu. Really looking forward to spending what will be [hopefully] my last winter holiday with family, best friend, and Harry Elephante.