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Uh Huh Honey

Uniqlo tee, Necklace from Mongkok, American Eagle jeans, Supergas

The camo thermal is from Uniqlo's heat tech line. It's not very soft but pretty good for keeping warm, which is nice since it's getting quite nippy here in HK. Although I wonder if there exist enough fairy men for them to make a men's top this size even if it is a small. I suppose guys would typically wear this as an undergarment? Such a waste of the camo print then. 

This top reminds me of this outfit that I was obsessed with in middle school. It was this shiny, metallic-sheen camo tee and flared camo trousers. Yup. I was going through an interesting fashion phase. I thought I looked so cool even though I most definitely looked like an absolute twat. 

I'm so addicted to 'Bound 2' at the moment even though I first heard it with the Seth Rogen & James Franco parody. I kind of gave up on Yeezus pretty early on but I guess Kim Kardashian's breasts helped me see the genius of the album (and the meaning of life for that matter) just like they have done for so many others. Click below to listen.