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Bonfire Heart

Forever 21 top, Necklace from Mongkok, Jumpsuit from street vendor in Shanghai

I'm heading off to my last final for the semester today. It's for econ so pretty anxious. But never again will I have to use a calculator again. From now on, my relationship with numbers will only go as far as shopping, paying taxes, countdowns to Christmas. I really tried making it work maths in the past 4 months but its been a bitch to me so we're never never never, getting back together. 

I know a lot of girls share this leopard obsession that I have. It doesn't really matter how tacky the item is, I'm just naturally drawn to leopard/zebra/panther print things! (cuddling my leopard fuzzy blanket as I'm writing this). What do you think it is about leopard that makes it so attractive? 

The song for today is 'Bonfire Heart' from James Blunt's newest album. I've been listening to him non-stop in the past couple of days because I'll be seeing in concert in January. Irresistible sap.