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Review: Thor 2

I had been looking forward to this film for a while, but didn't realise it was out until yesterday so seeing it today was a nice treat. I don't want to give much away for the superhero film enthusiasts out there but I'm personally one of them so I feel like I have to recommend it!  

I like this one better than the first because it gets right into the battle scenes without having to introduce the whole back story first. The timeline picks up right where the Avengers left off. You're already familiar with: Loki's too cool for school facade all while masking the most intense youngest child syndrome in all the universe (or galaxy?) and Thor's stubborn nature - although he's actually just a big old phallic-shaped weapon wielding teddy bear on the inside. Although, because of the promo photos, I thought Natalie Portman's character Jane would be more badass in this one but it's actually kind of insulting how the completely opposite of that she is. Also, the villain was also a bit disappointing for me.

It's so rare for films like this actually has a really unique villain. The villain in The Amazing Spider Man may have been based on one in the original comic book, but some things should just stay on the pages and off the big screen. Because sometimes they look stupid. I think a big reason why so many people love the Dark Knight films is because the villains are so great. The audience is actually convinced that he or she is indeed a heartless evil psychopath but also a vulnerable person just like the rest of us. The memorable villain quotes are testament to that. Like when Bane says: "no one cared who I was until I put on the mask". That's deep. 

In terms of plot, there are the expected [but still somehow immensely satisfying] scenes: villain has a monologue about revenge, killing machine is created, people fly around and have an obscene threshold for pain, a city gets destroyed, and the romantic plot line gets borderline unnecessary. But this film is surprising in that it's surprisingly funny. The jokes seem to pop up unexpectedly and not in the dry, awkward superhero way. I feel like the sarcasm/taking the piss out of itself type comedy reflects current trends, like in Iron Man  and The Avengers 

What has also been a trend is the whole space theme that seem to be an important element superhero movies now - maybe because of the success of Star Trek (and soon to be Star Wars)? But I think Superman, or the man of steel, should be portrayed as more of an all American superhero and not an extraterrestrial person. I guess Thor's different because he is from a different…dimension (? clearly I'm confused). 

So Thor 2 can be generic at times but will guarantee a good time; it definitely has a good amount of action and twists. And it's proven to me that no amount of grease in Tom Hiddleston's hair is able to make me think he's unattractive.