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Review: Armani Acqua Di Gioia

Notes: lemon blossom, mint, water jasmine, cedar, brown sugar, labdanum

I was fortunate enough to receive this fragrance from a friend for the my birthday last week - it was such a nice surprise. So I haven't been wearing it for very long but I really love it. 

As the name suggests, this is a very refreshing fragrance. I feel that I can almost smell the seawater from the combination top notes (lemon blossom, mint & water jasmine). Of these notes, lemon blossom and mint stand out the most. It's also the mint that makes it have a masculine edge. 

While the fragrance comes across as very tangy and floral at first, it dries down to a more toned-down version of itself: sweeter and woodier. It kind of loses its crisp, clean feel but it still remains quite unique. It doesn't last very long on me but this is different for everyone. 

I think that overall, this fragrance is very sophisticated and is a must-have for people who love citrusy scents and want to be reminded of the beach. I personally would not consider it 'sensual' as the ad suggests. It's definitely more of an easy daytime fragrance.