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Things girls do [that guys wish they wouldn't]

Maybe quoting  Mean Girls   should be on this list. 

Maybe quoting Mean Girls  should be on this list. 

I wrote a blogpost about what girls hate about guys so I guess it’s only fair that we turn the table around. These are some interesting complaints I’ve heard from guy friends; unfortunately, I’m guilty of most of them. What do you girls think? 

Pretending leggings are real trousers – A guy friend straight up told me once that he finds it so annoying when girls only wear leggings while I was wearing them. I’m assuming that jeggings don’t count in this case. He said something along the lines of: “I don’t understand why girls want every crevice of their ass on display”. Fair enough. But they’re comfortable and as long as there’s no camel toe, I’m all for it.

Using ‘cute’ to describe everything – I am definitely guilty of this one. Describing clothing, people, animals, songs, art, fucking everything as “so cute”. It is really annoying but I can’t really control it – it just comes out like word vomit.

Trouble making decisions - This depends a lot on personality and guys can have trouble making decisions too but in general, girls think things through a lot more and can take ages to make the smallest decisions. I'm the worst at making decisions; on bad days, deciding what to wear on a night out can feel like an ordeal. There's just a lot to think about, like "do I look like a slut?" "do I look like a Quaker?" "should I wear heels and have my feet die?" "would I rather look like an absolute twat dancing with my purse or risk looking too much like a lad and wear something with pockets?"

Being overly self conscious about bodily functions - In a nutshell, Sex and the City has taught a whole generation of women that we can never fart in front of our boyfriends, have hair in places that shouldn't, or be able to do a number two at a boyfriend's place. It is ridiculous to think that we have to always try and smell like a field of roses and be as hairless as a naked mole rat when the human body is just gross at times. 

Complain about men and then proceed to only date douchebags - I think that most girls go through three stages in their dating history: (1) idealised and obscenely sappy puppy love, (2) violent rage and a vendetta against men after being screwed over by a couple of them, and (3) an attitude somewhere in between. It's the second stage that guys can't stand. Before those girls widen their scope in terms of getting to know men, they tend to categorise them, claiming that "all men are jerks". Little to they know that the reason is because they've only been with jerks. A lot of the time, it's just dumb luck. But making generalisations only makes the girl more cynical and, thus, less attractive to good people! 

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