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Cynical Conspiracy Theorist

I’ve been reading current events all day in preparation for a public policy midterm, which caused me to come to an unsettling realisation: I’ve become cynical. More specifically, I've become cynical about politics: about shared identity, about the people’s ability to change the world, about how good always prevails! (now close your eyes and picture photo of Chris Evans as Captain America and his sculpted buttocks) I realised  that I’m starting to think that humanitarianism, environmentalism, and every other ideology that is emphasised in the global community is all a façade plagued with elitist agendas or economic gain.

I was disgusted with myself. Sure I’m cynical at times, like when people say things like it was “love at first sight” or “looks aren't important to me” or "he really likes watching romcoms with me". But when it comes to politics, I’m definitely an idealist. I breathe equality and I shit peacemaking. Or used to.

Okay, so I’ve narrowed down my change in perspective down to 3 possibilities: (1) my public policy professor and his often crazed conspiracy-theory driven lessons has finally gotten to me, (2) I'm turning into my father, or (3) I’m getting old.

Let me back track. I was revising the issue of Syria and after reading through a few editorials, I slowly realised that I was siding with the opinion that the U.S. would only intervene on the basis of the accessing the chemical weapons in the state. While I do realise that the last thing Obama probably wants to do right now is rip open the still wound of Afghanistan and Iraq and send troops into another state, I still feel like the the images of the victims in the attack speaks to a need for peace more than anything else. I'm not trying to justify or oppose U.S. intervention but I always felt that at the heart of it, there is an intention to preserve human rights. Although Afghanistan and Iraq are exceptions (Fahrenheit 911 and simply the fact that G.W. Bush was and still is the most shockingly daft person in the English-speaking world). But now, all I see are hidden and elitist agendas. The world seems so muddled and I just want to sweat hope and cry tears of liberty again.

So I guess the answer is I'm getting old (and thus quite possibly on the road to becoming by father). Maybe it's time to come to terms with the fact that reality is never what we think it is. But where do you draw the line between realistic and cynical? For now, I think I'm just going to try and appreciate the fact that I am seeing the world differently and balance my views. 

What do you guys think?